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2010-09-05 19:06:06 by residentevillur

Suprising is it, heh, I'm actually in a pretty decent mood today, but don't get used to it. Atleast I have been able to get some sleep and I am not as pissed as I normally am so better enjoy it while it lasts. Anyway no new art will be posted until I can get my main computer fixed, its fucked up some how and it will not turn on so yeah no new art for now. If you don't like my art, fine with me, but you don't have to post rude reviews on them, guys honestly, I have to much to deal with right now and then some jackass goes off and makes me feel like my art is just a pile of shit... REALLY?! Are you fucking serious? Do you honestly feel like the better person? I'm going to stop with my small rant, but really stop it. I will start making daily blogs (I may not post a blog everyday) for if you are interested on whats going on with me and my project updates make sure to check those out. Alright I am going to stop for now, get some work done, maybe clean up a bit, who knows.


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