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Blog entry day 1

2010-09-07 17:54:46 by residentevillur

DAY 1 YAY!!! Nothing really important happening right now *shurgs* meh who knows, somthing could happen....RIGHT NOW D: As you guys can tell, I am pretty bored :/ College sucks.... every guy here is a pervert, or they are just staring at me because I am the only person in the whole building that has blue hair O.O Anyway, ehhhh... oh yeah right, I am not going to be posting art for a while, one reason is that I am a very busy person and also I am having some trouble with a few of my friends, so yeah basically I have a lot of personal stuff to deal with right at the moment. Okay since I am going to do this (almost everyday) I am going to have a comment question of the day (yes I am friends with Ray William Johnson) and I want you guys to post your funny/interesting answers/replies below in the comments. I will feature your comment in the next post. So thats it for now. OH!!! If you want to make up a comment question of the day question thingy, just PM that to me and the most interesting one I recieve will be the next comment question of the day. Alright... Peace off :D
Comment question of the day:
What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen someone do?


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