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Blog entry day 2

2010-09-08 17:56:43 by residentevillur

Eh.... nothing much to talk about :/ Meh, my computer sucks DX Urgh, its soooo slow and my main computer sucks so :/ Eh... we COULD talk about pasta, but then you guys would be like: YOU SAID THAT LAST TIME!!!! Well thats it for now... I guess. Sorry this one is so short but I have some stuff to do so Peace off ;D
Comment question of the day:
Whats your best pick up line?

Yesterdays comment question of the day answers: (these are as they were written XD NO EDITING AT ALL)
BloodThirstxx- Fuck your mom >D
nmiik- me and some guy friends diessected a dead quail everyone barfed but me oh yeah
AIKU99- a megit on a triyc riding through puding
Cindy Howard Carnes- saw a mexican walk into wal-mart with a shirt on that said "SMART ASS WHITE BOY' I can almost guarantee he had no idea what it said!


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