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2011-05-01 15:55:40 by residentevillur

Due to the constant feedback and "reviews" I have been recieving, no more of my work will be posted. We can all thank everyone who can't get off their asses and actually write something helpful and not trying to cut me down. Thanks to them, everyone who actually liked my work, SORRY. No more.
I've said the same on deviantART as well as Facebook. So when you people learn to grow the fuck up, nothing more.


2011-04-12 23:02:14 by residentevillur

Don'tcha just love trolls? They make me laugh! Go check out my Lucifer picture, eh? THAT WAS SO FUNNY!! xDDD I've never laughed this hard in years!

Back in black!

2011-03-15 19:50:16 by residentevillur

I have not been on since December... moving issues. Now I'm settled and new art coming up today! My work has really changed since then... so keep in mind they will look different.


2011-01-23 22:59:11 by residentevillur

Just a few links to where you can contact me; =100001741662128 illur?feature=mhum


2010-11-21 16:19:52 by residentevillur

Newgrounds is not letting me submit art? WTF?! I want to submit some of my newest stuff, but it takes forever to load then it says: ERROR! URGGHHH! Tom, please fix this!? I would like to post some of my new Gorillaz art along with some Silent Hill and Elfen Lied fan art, so please fix it or something!

I am quite tired so I will make this quick:
I am giving you the link to my new deviantart account (use it wisely)<a
You can find most of my art there.

Blog entry day 3

2010-09-09 17:45:34 by residentevillur

Goodbye you guys *waves* I'm off :D Going to go see Jerry Springer over the weekend with Lee X3333 I'M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT (How the hell do I even know that song O.O) No comment of the question today, just put some random shit down there in the comments and I will feature the funniest/random posts in my next blog on Sunday^^ Alright..... Peace off :D

Yesterdays comment question of the days answer(s):
AIKU99- hey ur kind cute can i have some frise with that shake, not really my pick up line XD

*EDIT* Okay guys, I have a Noodle picture up that has "Art [c] Gorillaz626" Yes there! That is my new dA account, ya happy, good go nom on a cookie >(

Blog entry day 2

2010-09-08 17:56:43 by residentevillur

Eh.... nothing much to talk about :/ Meh, my computer sucks DX Urgh, its soooo slow and my main computer sucks so :/ Eh... we COULD talk about pasta, but then you guys would be like: YOU SAID THAT LAST TIME!!!! Well thats it for now... I guess. Sorry this one is so short but I have some stuff to do so Peace off ;D
Comment question of the day:
Whats your best pick up line?

Yesterdays comment question of the day answers: (these are as they were written XD NO EDITING AT ALL)
BloodThirstxx- Fuck your mom >D
nmiik- me and some guy friends diessected a dead quail everyone barfed but me oh yeah
AIKU99- a megit on a triyc riding through puding
Cindy Howard Carnes- saw a mexican walk into wal-mart with a shirt on that said "SMART ASS WHITE BOY' I can almost guarantee he had no idea what it said!

Blog entry day 1

2010-09-07 17:54:46 by residentevillur

DAY 1 YAY!!! Nothing really important happening right now *shurgs* meh who knows, somthing could happen....RIGHT NOW D: As you guys can tell, I am pretty bored :/ College sucks.... every guy here is a pervert, or they are just staring at me because I am the only person in the whole building that has blue hair O.O Anyway, ehhhh... oh yeah right, I am not going to be posting art for a while, one reason is that I am a very busy person and also I am having some trouble with a few of my friends, so yeah basically I have a lot of personal stuff to deal with right at the moment. Okay since I am going to do this (almost everyday) I am going to have a comment question of the day (yes I am friends with Ray William Johnson) and I want you guys to post your funny/interesting answers/replies below in the comments. I will feature your comment in the next post. So thats it for now. OH!!! If you want to make up a comment question of the day question thingy, just PM that to me and the most interesting one I recieve will be the next comment question of the day. Alright... Peace off :D
Comment question of the day:
What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen someone do?


2010-09-05 19:06:06 by residentevillur

Suprising is it, heh, I'm actually in a pretty decent mood today, but don't get used to it. Atleast I have been able to get some sleep and I am not as pissed as I normally am so better enjoy it while it lasts. Anyway no new art will be posted until I can get my main computer fixed, its fucked up some how and it will not turn on so yeah no new art for now. If you don't like my art, fine with me, but you don't have to post rude reviews on them, guys honestly, I have to much to deal with right now and then some jackass goes off and makes me feel like my art is just a pile of shit... REALLY?! Are you fucking serious? Do you honestly feel like the better person? I'm going to stop with my small rant, but really stop it. I will start making daily blogs (I may not post a blog everyday) for if you are interested on whats going on with me and my project updates make sure to check those out. Alright I am going to stop for now, get some work done, maybe clean up a bit, who knows.